GloChi Products LLC

GloChi Products has been in business since 2013 and is based in NY.  The Late Caroline Johnson a Professional cake baker created an all natural glow in the dark food additive “FOOD GLOW”. Back in 2010 a customer suggested a glow in the dark cake  and Punch without any non-toxic chemicals. After experimenting with Riboflavin and other All Natural simple household kitchen ingredients she made the cake and punch. Once word got out Mrs Johnson built up her clientele and made a legitimate business GloChi Products.  Mrs Johnson called the two different additives Food Glow Liquid & Powder Mixes. It shimmers Greenish Yellow under ultraviolet blacklight. similar to a #GlowInTheDarkCakeMix

The mixes are made of Riboflavin and other natural Sweet Flavoring Additives it can be added into any light colored batters, fondant, frosting and drinks leaving no after taste. After her passing her Family took over the business in 2016.

GloChi Products consistently upholds its All Natural Standards. Creating Our Newest Product “UV Reactive All Natural Edible Body Paste” for Foreplay Pleasure use Only.

Right now GloChi Products are in the works of also creating glow in the dark paints, nail polish, clothing and many more products that will be soon posted on our website.

 We also sell all types of  creative  Ultraviolet Blacklight Products and  various Glow In The Dark items from  several  retailers from around the World.

We created this site for a easy way to shop everything for your  Ultraviolet Blacklight  Experience.  From uv blacklights to edible food additives, to glow  balloons, cups and  edible body pastes. We will continue to provide more and more creative uv blacklight products to our website in the future.

Have Fun and Enjoy your GloChi Products Shopping Experience.

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