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Glow In The Dark Cotton Candy: Glow In The Dark Party Ideas


Things You Will Need
1 cup plain edible paste
1/2 tablespoon of any food flavor you like today I choose strawberry
1 thin baking pan
1 sheet of wax paper

Step One: boil edible paste in cooking pot for about 3 to 4 mins tempture should reach 130 degrees f

Step Two:
place wax paper in thin baking pan

Step Three: add boil mix into pan then let it cool off for about hour.

Notes: if the mix hasn’t set in one hour place it back into pot an cook it again maybe for 4 to 5mins.

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GloChi Products Is Revolutionizing Blacklight Entertainment with All Natural UV Reactive Food Additive Food Glow. Food Glow Can be put in any light colored pudding, frosting, fondant, cake mix, ice-cream, jello, drinks

and many more things. Great for any glow in the dark party or any event.


One thought on “Glow In The Dark Cotton Candy: Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

  1. Hi
    i got the food glow powder mix.
    How can i use that to make a frosting for a cake ?
    (Not Fondant.)
    How do i use pink powder mix?
    can i add that to frosting for cakes to make it glow in the dark.
    Can i add purple liquid mix to frosting to glow in the dark
    if so where can i find a recipe for frosting or can i just add the above products to my frosting recipe.

    1. You can just add the powder mix to your recipe directly into it or add water. I always suggest to always work with a ultraviolet black light to see the colors. Sometimes to much powder sugar can ruin the bight colors.

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