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Neon Passion “UV Reactive All Natural Flavoring Edible Body Gel for foreplay use Only 2oz bottles. Pick flavoring in description


Free Sample  “UV Reactive Edible Body Paste” 2oz bottles

foreplay use only


Vanilla, Strawberry, Peach and Chocolate.

Edible Body Paste Flavors are made out of simple natural ingredients such as Riboflavin, Light Corn Syrup, and Flavoring Extracts.
Take Foreplay to the next level add our Line of Edible Flavors to foods like Strawberries and Cream. Create sensuous games which allows you to outline desirable shapes on body parts.
By applying the ingredient riboflavin to our Edible Body Paste Flavors you can now obtain the ultimate blacklight experience for FOREPLAY pleasure in a new light, an ultraviolet blacklight.

(add a note at checkout with your desired flavor)


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